• unboxing experience

    Unboxing Helps Build Brand Loyalty for Ecommerce Businesses

    People love receiving packages in the mail. It’s a little gift to themselves. You’ll see that with subscription boxes, offering monthly or weekly goodies in the mail, usually in nicely packaged boxes. But subscription boxes don’t need to be the only companies offering their orders in neat little boxes. Ecommerce businesses of all kinds can […]

  • The Top Ecommerce Trends of 2017

    The focus of ecommerce lately has had one overarching trend: improving the customer experience. And it’s for good reason; by 2020, customer experience will overtake price as the main product differentiator. From better mobile capabilities, to unique unboxing experiences, there are countless ways to win over customers and great repeat business. Mobile is First Priority […]

  • Product Information Ecommerce

    The Importance of Detailed Product Information On Your Website

    Customers in a brick-and-mortar store have the advantage of being able to see, feel, read the package, and try a product before buying it. Online shopping eliminates this ability, and therefore, ecommerce websites need to provide as detailed product information as possible. How many times have you been buying something online and had questions about […]

  • The Best Holiday Shopping is Done Online

    Shoppers are finding the best holiday deals online It used to be Black Friday, when most of the holiday shopping was accomplished and the stores were crowded with anxious shoppers. Well it turns out that holiday shoppers are over the fuss of crowded brick-and-mortar stores since most of the shopping is done online and not […]

  • Retail Stores Who Close Shop Are Always Open Online

    Let’s face it; the cost of renting out a retail space and training over hundreds of employees can be extremely pricey. And there’s no doubt that online shopping has become increasingly popular, causing the decreasing in-store traffic. Opening multiple store locations has become a dying trend, but opening your brand to online shoppers is a popular alternative to reaching a target audience.

  • E-commerce Sites Rank as Top Retail Brands

    The Top 100 Brands in the World were announced recently and interestingly enough, the top brands in the retail category are not brick-and-mortar stores. Popular e-commerce sites, Alibaba and Amazon were listed in the top 15 global brands where Alibaba beat Amazon at No. 13. Alibaba is actually a new entry in the most valuable […]

  • Is Amazon an E-commerce Partner or Rival?

    In a recent article from The Wall Street Journal titled, Sellers Need Amazon, but at What Cost?, small businesses are coming to terms that the large e-commerce platform helps you find thousands of online buyers, but they not your customers, per se. Stuck having to compete with thousands of other online merchants, small businesses like Stardust […]

  • Brick-and-Mortar Retailers Win on “National Returns Day”

    We survived another holiday of gift giving this year and with all gifts, there are the ones that we need to return ASAP. According to the United Parcel Service, January 3 is “National Returns Day” and they were expecting over 2 million packages to be shipped back to retailers based on last years’ returns. A […]

  • On Time Shipping

    The Gift of Shipping, On Time

    Last year, delivery businesses had disappointed millions of online shoppers with high expectations of free and faster delivery that shipping companies failed to deliver on time.

  • Amazon Robot Army

    Amazon’s Robot Army

    Amazon recently hired 15,000 new workers in the form of robots. Amazon has started to use these robots in their fulfillment centers.