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  • Product Information Ecommerce

    The Importance of Detailed Product Information On Your Website

    Customers in a brick-and-mortar store have the advantage of being able to see, feel, read the package, and try a product before buying it. Online shopping eliminates this ability, and therefore, ecommerce websites need to provide as detailed product information as possible. How many times have you been buying something online and had questions about […]

  • Top 500 Ecommerce

    How Much do Leading Retailers Spend on Search?

    How much more each year are the top 500 Internet retailers spending? How much more traffic are these companies receiving?  How does this combination result in an increase in sales and revenue? Thanks to a recent study by Internet Retailer, we bring you the results of the spending practices of the top 500 Internet Retailers. […]

  • Mobile Paid Search in Ecommerce Marketing

    How Much Are Ecommerce Marketers Spending on Mobile Paid Search?

    How much will mobile advertising drive the digital world?  Marketers are caring more and more about the importance of driving awareness, recognition, and sales through mobile devices such as phones and tablets.  The Ecommerce Marketing Institute looks further into the money spent, the percentage of growth, and the future of mobile advertising in today’s post. […]

  • Remarketing Tips Ecommerce

    Ecommerce Remarketing Tips For Beginners

    Remarketing is a paid search strategy that lets you target and reach people who have previously visited your website. Remarketing ads are displayed to these past visitors on other websites or within search results. This strategy is particularly powerful for ecommerce businesses, who can reach customers that left their website with buying anything. And because […]

  • Website Speed Tips

    Ecommerce Website Optimization: Speed

    Page loading or time, or website speed, is an often underrated factor in website optimization. However, the speed of your website is a critical component to overall user experience and even search engine rankings. And these valuable seconds – even milliseconds – can mean even mean the difference between a sale and website abandonment. Consider […]