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  • unboxing experience

    Unboxing Helps Build Brand Loyalty for Ecommerce Businesses

    People love receiving packages in the mail. It’s a little gift to themselves. You’ll see that with subscription boxes, offering monthly or weekly goodies in the mail, usually in nicely packaged boxes. But subscription boxes don’t need to be the only companies offering their orders in neat little boxes. Ecommerce businesses of all kinds can […]

  • The Top Ecommerce Trends of 2017

    The focus of ecommerce lately has had one overarching trend: improving the customer experience. And it’s for good reason; by 2020, customer experience will overtake price as the main product differentiator. From better mobile capabilities, to unique unboxing experiences, there are countless ways to win over customers and great repeat business. Mobile is First Priority […]

  • Product Information Ecommerce

    The Importance of Detailed Product Information On Your Website

    Customers in a brick-and-mortar store have the advantage of being able to see, feel, read the package, and try a product before buying it. Online shopping eliminates this ability, and therefore, ecommerce websites need to provide as detailed product information as possible. How many times have you been buying something online and had questions about […]

  • Retail Stores Who Close Shop Are Always Open Online

    Let’s face it; the cost of renting out a retail space and training over hundreds of employees can be extremely pricey. And there’s no doubt that online shopping has become increasingly popular, causing the decreasing in-store traffic. Opening multiple store locations has become a dying trend, but opening your brand to online shoppers is a popular alternative to reaching a target audience.

  • On Time Shipping

    The Gift of Shipping, On Time

    Last year, delivery businesses had disappointed millions of online shoppers with high expectations of free and faster delivery that shipping companies failed to deliver on time.

  • Amazon Robot Army

    Amazon’s Robot Army

    Amazon recently hired 15,000 new workers in the form of robots. Amazon has started to use these robots in their fulfillment centers.

  • Amazon

    Optimizing Amazon For Your Business

    The e-commerce industry is growing at a rapid rate. Online sales continue to rise and many businesses are making a lot of money, especially from sales off of Amazon.

  • Sailthru Study

    Sailthru’s Hoilday Shopping Study Findings

    Sailthru is the leader in driving customer lifetime value through personalization. Sailthru recently released the results of their “Trust in Technology” holiday shopping research study.

  • Alibaba Singles' Day

    Alibaba Singles’ Day

    China’s biggest day of the year for e-commerce websites and online sales is Singles’ Day. Singles’ Day has become one of the most profitable if not the most profitable manufactured holidays in history.

  • Twitter Offers

    Twitter Offers: Offer Digital Coupons Within a Tweet

    Twitter recently introduced another feature for advertisers and shoppers. Twitter Offers enables advertisers to offer Twitter users a coupon that they can add to their credit or debit card and redeem in stores or online.

  • Black Friday and Cyber Monday

    Black Friday and Cyber Monday Stats and Figures For Online Retailers

    This is an exciting and stressful for time for many e-commerce websites. This is the time of year that often makes or breaks many e-commerce sites. Owners become very stressed about: their inventory levels, creating and promoting special deals, being able to ship merchandise on time, and much more.