The Best Holiday Shopping is Done Online

Shoppers are finding the best holiday deals online

It used to be Black Friday, when most of the holiday shopping was accomplished and the stores were crowded with anxious shoppers. Well it turns out that holiday shoppers are over the fuss of crowded brick-and-mortar stores since most of the shopping is done online and not just on Black Friday anymore.

American shopping habits have quickly evolved since Cyber Monday is no longer the only day people are purchasing from the shopping sites.

According to a National Retail Federation survey, consumers spent an estimated $4.45 billion online on Thanksgiving and Black Friday.

Since the shift to online shopping, Adobe Systems Inc. tracked purchases from 4,500 U.S. sites and Black Friday sales actually increased by 14% since last year. Not only is more shopping done online, but more than half of Black Friday shopping came from mobile devices as well.

How E-Tailers Are Taking Over Commerce

Since so many consumers are constantly on their smartphones or desktop/laptops, shoppers are being stalked by ads and email deals that lead them to the checkout.

In addition to clever email reminders such as “Your closet will thank you” from clothing stores, e-tailers are offering free shipping and deals found online only.

Not to mention, people are not limited to what time of day they are able to shop since online sites are always open.

It seems that as long shopping sites such as Amazon and eBay continue to offer better deals and faster shipping, consumers will find shopping online a much more pleasant experience than driving to the store.

Why Your E-Commerce Site Should Be Mobile-Friendly

Besides your e-commerce site having an easy-to-use shopping cart, search and navigations tools, and of course, online-only sales, it should be mobile-friendly.

It should be noted that more that 15% of all ecommerce sales are made from a mobile device and more than half of Black Friday shopping came from mobile this year.

What else is done one mobile? Google searches. Since Google announced that its new algorithm update, sites that did not have a mobile-friendly site were less likely to have search authority. So if you want your e-commerce site to be searched and found, it’s best to update your site to mobile.

After seeing the online shopping trend this holiday season, what will next year’s shopping look like? Tell us what you think and comment below!

Source: WSJ

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