SEO For Ecommerce: Trade Secrets

SEO For EcommerceHave you noticed a drop in website traffic, or even more obvious, fewer sales orders? You’re not alone. Frequent search engine algorithm updates are wreaking havoc on Ecommerce website results—especially sites that lack search engine optimization or SEO.

No question, achieving top position for keywords in search engine results pages (SERPs) has always been a top priority for Ecommerce marketers. Why? Because studies show that only the top few search result positions drive click-through, website traffic, and critical to Ecommerce—sales. (Source: Search Engine Watch). Yet many Ecommerce websites lack even basic search optimization features and techniques.

This SEO Guide for Ecommerce Websites will identify and describe three (3) of the biggest SEO mistakes, and then detail a 7-point SEO checklist of the most critical search optimization practices. on-page and off-page techniques that can help your website succeed, along with several useful SEO tools, many free-of-charge, to assist in the process.

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